Exhausted Cycle

I have an issue and it’s come to my attention that this could be an common problem among…well, humanity.  I was exhaugsted all day, but once it hit about 2pm I become completely fine.  Why must this happen?  It’s just a never ending cycle of insanity! 

Step 1: Become extremely tired.

Step 2: Get approximately 4 1/2 hrs of sleep.

Step 3: Drive sluggishly to school.

Step 4: Complete work with 110% more effort than originally needed.

Step 5: Rejoice when the bell rings.

Step 6: Come home to realize you’re completely allert.

Step 7: Go to a dance class or fulfill some other sort of activity requirement to become even more exhaugsted.

Step 8: Crash in bed way later than originally intended.


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