2010 Going On 2011

Last year for New Years my family was secluded in a chalet in the gorgeous mountains.  At first I wasn’t happy about that fact, but I was appreciative of the time it gave me to think about the past year, and on the year coming up.  I’ve never been one for “New Years resolutions,” but last year I told myself I was going to use 2010 to gain knowledge, and a heck of a lot of it.  Well, it’s Christmas Eve now, and my question is, have I honestly learned that much?  I guess that’s a question you can’t look up in the back of the text book.  It’s hard to get an answer to it.  I mean, you could argue that my grades have been good, but that wasn’t the goal was it?  I know plenty of kids who do really well in school, but don’t retain the information.  I know as many of those kids probably as the kids who are extremely intelligent, but are the laziest beings I’ve even seen in my life.  I receivedrewards for Earth Science, Biology 1, Digital Communications, and perfect attendance at the end of my 10thgrade year.  This year I’ve enjoy my English III Honors class probably more than any other class I’ve ever had.  I have to credit Mrs. Czechowski with that.  Some people have even said I’ve become a little bit of an English brat.  I would agree with them.  I also began learned Spanish in school this year.  I’m not exactly used to learning a foreign language this quickly so sometimes the class can be difficult, but I love it.  Spanish is worth my time.  I wish I had taken some sort of a test so that I could truly tell if I’ve accomplished my goal completely.  I think I made a decent effort.  Maybe in 2011 I’ll make an effort that should be recorded for future inspiration.  If hunger is the best pickle, just like Franklin said, then I want to be the seed in need of watering for as many teachers who are willing to ramble as possible.


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