Subway Stations

I published this poem before, but I just recently edited and added onto it. Hope you find some meaning in it because it’s packed full of meaning for me.

Subway stations are curious places.

They showcase people from all walks of life.

The trains found in them take people everywhere or anywhere they so choose.

My limited experience proves that to me.

I have seen many people get on the subway.

They all head in different and wonderful directions.

Yet sometimes those directions are selfishly depressing, from my view.

You would think I would be used to seeing them leave,

And being left alone on a once cold metal seat.

I…I am still sitting on the bench beside the subway.

I have been for what seems like forever.

As you can see…I can be a little indecisive.

I have searched the trains maps over may times.

I absolutely must make a decision soon.

I can not continue to live off of the hot dog stand set up by the ticket booth.

And I can not bare to listen to the guitar player in the corner pretend he can sing any longer.

But I must know where I am called to go first.

Or at least I assume I need a plan.

I mean, even just the next place to stay the night would be acceptable to me.

I finally think I have found an option, a place to lay my head.

I may not stay there forever, but I think it’s the right place.

But first, I must stand up. 

I have to let people know, by my position, that I am leaving.

Then in an act that seems so easy to some…

I must take a step onto the subway.

I have no experience actually on a subway.

My lack of knowledge scares me.

Although, what could possibly be worse than watching another leave?

Once I step onto that car I wonder,

Will I get knocked down by the sheer force?

I have seen those cars race off.

Nevertheless, I persist, and step on.

-Sarah Kaylan


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